Current Research Supervision

These Ph.D. theses under my supervision are currently in progress.

Tim Abray, Ph.D. Thesis

“Unconsciously Misinformed? Attack Ads and Autonomy in Canadian Democracy”

Elisha Corbett, Ph.D. Thesis

“Media Framing and Public Opinion of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada” (co-supervised with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant)

Andrew MacLean, Ph.D. Thesis

"Promoting Whose Interest? Regulatory Activity and Accountability in Canada's Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulator"

Completed Theses

Quick Links

Patricia Mockler, “Learning to be good citizens:  Long-form deliberative processes and Democratic Citizenship in a Comparative Perspective” (2022)

Jacob Robbins-Kantor, “The Franchise Model Reframed:  Asymmetry, Autonomy, and Local Responsiveness in Canadian Federal Parties (co-supervised with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, 2021)

Laura Levick, “Recasting Electoral Reform: An Analysis of Electoral Reform Initiatives in Fourteen Parliamentary Democracies” (co-supervised with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, 2017)

Kristin Hulme “Supreme Court and Rhetoric: A Study of Judicial Decision-Making” (2011)

Simon Kiss, “Selling Government: The Evolution of Government Public Relations in Alberta from 1971-2006” (2008)

Tamara Small, “ Political Parties and Candidates on the Net: A Case Study of the 2004 Federal Election” (2006)


Zoha Khalid, “Assessing the Tandem Information Model on Canada’s crisis communications response to COVID 19” (MRP 2021).

Joanna Massie, “The Policymaking Public: What Factors Account for the Success of Deliberative Mini-publics? (MRP, 2020)

Patricia Mockler, “Challenges to Deliberation:  An Examination of Structural Inequality, Capacity and Influence in Ireland’s Convention on the Constitution (MRP, 2016)

Justin Mathews, “So that Every Canadian Has Enough to Eat at Home: Obstacles and Prospects for a Liveable, Universal Basic Income in Canada” (MRP, 2015)

Matthew Cohen, “Get it Wrong or Don’t Get it at All: A Content Analysis of the Media’s Representation of Responsible Government During the 2008 Parliamentary Crisis (MRP, 2014)

Alex Steffan, “An Empirical Analysis of Leadership in Mini-Publics” (MRP, 2012)

Tim Abray-Nyman, “Inside the Black Box: Cognitive Confounds and Voter Error in Orthodox Models of Voter Behaviour” (MRP 2012)

Alexander Steffen, “An Analysis of Leadership within Mini-publics in Canada and Australia: Describing Democratic Leadership in Deliberative Democracy (MRP 2012)

Holly Garnett, “Referendum Resource Officers in the 2007 Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform” (MRP 2011)

Rob Trewartha “Political Advertising in the 2004 and 2006 Federal Elections” (MRP 2007)

David Thuss, “Rephrasing Politics” (2006)

Mark Lyons, “Media and Democracy: The Case of the War in Iraq” (MRP 2006)

Cristina Howorun, “Who Leads the Pack: The Effects of Ownership on the Coverage of Federal Budgets and Throne Speeches” (MA 2005)

Juliana Trichilo, “Your Privacy, Please” Considering A National Identity Card in the Context of Privacy Rights (MRP 2005)

Peter MacLeod, “Notes Toward a Civic Design: Coming To a Political-Aesthetic Consciousness” (2002)

Alexis Conrad, “Evaluating the Adequacy of Intergovernmental Cooperation as an Organizing Principle for Environmental Protection: A Case Study of the Canada-Wide Accord on Environmental Harmonization (1999)

Mike Krywy, “Re-Imagining “Canada”, Consensus, Resistance and the Construction of a Multicultural National Discourse: A Case Study of North of 60″ (1996)

Katharine McCoy, “X-It Strategy:  Exploring the Implementation of Design Methodologies in the Context of Ballot Design” (2020)

Mark Penner, “A Tale of Two Frames:  Comparing Incumbent and Challenger Framing in Recent Canadian Electoral Party Platforms with Content Analysis (2020)

Meredith Wilson-Smith, “‘Gendered News’ and the Media as the Message: How Canadian National News Outlets Shape Public Perception of Female-Focused Supreme Court Cases” (2020)

Aidan Russell, “Why Don’t Aboriginal People Vote in Canadian Federal Elections?” (2019)

Rene Zou, “Nation Branding:  Re-orienting the Field from External to  Internal National Identity Formation” (2018)

Michael Walsh, “Media Framing:  Mortality Salience and its Role in the Framing of Election Issues” (2018)

Nina Dauvergne, “The Politics of Regulatory Capture and Canada’s Food Guide: How Industry Power Shapes Canadian Health” (2017)

Anna Danyliuk, “Rape Myths in the Newspaper Coverage of the Jian Ghomeshi Trial” (2017)

Elisha Corbett, “Language Framing in the 2015 Canadian Leaders’ Debates” (2016)

Taylor Mann, “Obama, Romney and Twitter in 2012” (2014)

Joanna Plucinska, “E-Democracy and Echo Chambers: Examining Political Pundits on Twitter” (2013)

Vicky Fenwick-Sehl, “Explaining the Failure of the Green Party in Canada: A Comparative Study” (2013)

Ashley Harms-Wiebe, “Dilma Rousseff: Lula’s Bride in High Heels or the Brazilian President? A Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the 2010 Brazilian Presidential Election Campaign” (2010)

Joshua Clark, “Logging On: Assessing the Relationship between the Internet and Politics” (2009)

Lyndsey Hannigan, “The Effectiveness of Public Consultation: A Case Study of the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform” (2007)

Michael Lindsay, “The Death of the Revolution was Televised: An Examination of Global and CTV’s Coverage of the 2003 Ontario General Election” (2004)

Shelley Lepp, “Political Socialization of Children and the Role of Television” (2003)

Hartley Lefton, “The Long & the Short of It: Negativity and Sentence Length in the 1997 and 2000 Canadian English Federal Leaders’ Debates” (2002)

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