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  • What the HLTH 102 controversy says about university teaching

    The tempest that is HLTH102 taught at Queen’s University raises many questions about university teaching but also larger questions about structural problems that are not being addressed in media that I have read.  These structural issues suggest that the problem is not isolated to this one professor but perhaps a product of the way we do university teaching. HLTH…

  • Letters of Reference

    For years, like my other faculty colleagues,I have had many requests for letters of reference. Most of the time they are for some post-secondary education like grad school, law school or college. I’m not sure if students have a sense of what is required for a letter of reference.  Some take a long time to…

  • Course outlines posted

    Over the coming weeks, I will try to post my course outlines.  You can find them by clicking on the Teaching tab above.