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  • The pre-eminence of advertising in Canadian elections

    The three national parties have filed their election expenses and there are some surprises but the most important message from the filings with Elections Canada is the central role that advertising plays in modern election campaigns.   While no one would doubt its importance, the Liberals took it to a new level spending 64% of […]

  • Political Advertising in the 2015 Election

    I don’t think that many academics do a good job in communicating their findings to a broader public.  When we apply for grants or research funds, we are often asked to discuss how we would disseminate our findings.  A SSHRCC funding officer once said  to me that academics don’t give this much attention.  It’s such […]

  • Talking Election Ads At University of Calgary and Mount Royal University

    I’m looking forward to giving two talks this week in Calgary on the role of election ads.  I’ll be  at University of Calgary on Wednesday, October 14 as part of the CMF Speaker Series and Mount Royal University on Thursday, October 16, as part of the SOMAR Speakers Series. If you are near by, stop by […]