Category: Cdn politics

  • Can Justin Trudeau be safe and sorry?

    Here is an op-ed that Bob Pickard and I wrote for the Globe & Mail on September 23, 2019 in the midst of a federal election about the nature of political apologies.

  • Was the Demise of Electoral Reform Inevitable?

    After answering, more than a few times, what I thought of the prime minister’s decision to abandon electoral reform, I decided to put my thoughts  to paper.  Some tentative reasons for the demise of electoral reform were published in the Ottawa Citizen on February 3.            

  • Does Kingston need an Integrity Commissioner?

    On September 20,  Kingston city council will make a decision on whether to amend a by-law to permit IN8 Developments to build a 15 storey building — seven storeys higher than the official plan. The vote will be important for downtown and the consequences significant. As our elected councillors grapple with their decision, it will…