My first AMA on Reddit, Wednesday, Nov. 11

I have heard about Reddit’s AMA’s (ask me anything) for some time. I always thought that they were for famous people but for reasons not known, I am hosting an AMA for the subreddit /Canadapolitics on Wednesday, November 11, from 2- 3 PM.

With the new Liberal government promising that the 2015 election would be the last one using first past the post, this AMA will be on electoral reform.  But it’s also billed as a chance to ask about citizen engagement (and citizens’ assemblies), both subjects on which I’m keen.

Stop by — virtually speaking–  and feel free to well, ask me anything.

Looking forward to it!


Post Script:  That was very fun.  I appreciated the  thoughtful and high quality questions.   I will continue to check the page so feel free to join the conversation.  The AMA is here.

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